21 week Dr. Visit

I saw the Dr. today. The heartbeat and a kick were quickly evident on the Doppler. All appears normal after checking the ultrasound results! Also, I'm measuring to be the right size - hence the growth lately.

My Mayo Clinic Pregnancy books says the baby is making blood cells from the bone marrow, liver and spleen. Next week the baby should measure 7 and a half inches crown to rump (closer to 10 head to toe) and will weigh nearly a pound!

Thanks for checking the blog! Here are some of the ultrasound pics. One of the crossed legs and the other you can see the leg and arm with hand by the face.


  1. Anonymous1:40 PM

    Awesome!! YOu look great and the baby does too:)!!! I've been thinking about you guys--wondering how things are going. That ultrasound is so cool, isn't it?? It just gets more and more amazing! Talk to you soon--you are over half way now!!!

  2. Keir aka Daddy8:59 AM

    Our baby looks awesome!

    thanks to all for the kind words and thoughts. It is great to have family and friends like you!!!