Griffin's Pursuit of a Happy Birthday

Griffin turned 4 this week and because we have such great family and friends,
we had to invite them over to celebrate with our little boy!
He has been waiting for this party day. Mama started planning a few months ago.

Griffin's invitation read like this:
Calling all Superheroes! We must unite to defeat the super villain! Please meet at headquarters to prepare for the invasion. We must defend our rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of a happy birthday! If you can join with us to defeat this villain and eat lunch & cake, please respond as soon as possible with the following top secret information: 1. Your secret identity (your name.) 2. Your superhero name. 3. Your superpower. 4. Your super color. No special equipment will be needed, just wear clothing that is appropriate for outdoor superhero training. Your participation is vital to the success of this mission!
I found much of the superhero party ideas here. The cake pops I found on bakearella.com. Thanks to so many people who helped make this day possible and a success! My helpers around the house... big and small, those who play with my kids so I can shop in peace & get things done in large chunks around the house, you who came dressed for the party, those who helped with the skit and of course all of you who came and made Griffin achieve his pursuit of a happy birthday. We love you!
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