Birthday Boy

Our BIG guy turns 4 today!

{Four Things We Love About YOU}
  1. You jump your highest, run your fastest... every time
  2. You get so excited to do almost everything
  3. The way you say, "I love you, Mama/Daddy"
  4. You love the little things (bugs, playing, being outside, pools, sand, etc)

{Four Things YOU Love}
  1. Skating/Hockey
  2. Being a Superhero
  3. Riding Bike
  4. Playing Cars
 {Four things you said this year that I never want to forget}
  1. This is so good, can you make it again?
  2. Mom, come in here, I have three things to tell you.
  3. Will you check on me?
  4. You are so nice!

{Four things YOU put on the menu for your ultra special BIRTHDAY meal}
  1. Mac n Cheese
  2. Scones
  3. Blueberries
  4. Hot Chocolate 

What four things do you love about Griffin?

1 comment:

  1. Anonymous11:08 AM

    We love you for being just who you are Griffin, a very unique little human being!

    I absolutely love the way you run into my arms exclaiming GRANDMA! Makes me feel so loved!

    I love your sense of curiosity and intelligence & love of the outdoors. Grandma Radke would turn you into a science buff if she were still alive.

    I love you for being the patient big brother to Emerson and social little man amongst family and friends.

    Papa Gregg & Gma Mary

    I love your