First day of "school"

Yes, we started school here too.  Griffin is in pre-school two mornings a week and Emerson, one morning a week.  Eme goes half the time with Mama and half time with the teacher & kids.  The first day(s) went well!  Griffin ran into the room and didn't look back.  Of course I had to track him down to say, "Good-bye, be good." But he loves going to school.

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The first day with Eme went well. Luckily she has two other friends we knew from Griffin's class last year in class, so she at least has a buddy to help her feel more comfortable.  Not that they even played together when we were there, but oh well.  We met new friends as well and met for a hike later in the week.  I love fall hiking.

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So another "first day of school" under our belt.  Notice the picture of them with the tree.  I'm hoping to see how it grows with them over the years.

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