Fall hiking begins

Did I tell you I love to hike in the fall?  Now that the weather has cooled off (well it was cool last week) we went out for some hikes.  Seven Mile Creek (near Mankato) is always a great place for kids with all the bridges, play areas, rocks to climb and lots of trails. Just don't forget the Ergo for those little hikers.  Griffin (3 and 1/2) loves hiking and wearing his special hiking shoes.  Eme (2) is content in the carrier looking around and getting down when we find good places to climb, explore, or what-have-you.  With nap time in the afternoon, we always go in the morning and pack a snack and lunch.  Then we're all tuckered out and ready for a nap when we get home.  A perfect day in my books!

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Where's your favorite place to hike (in case we're in the area)?

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