Spring's first hike

We took our first hike of the season to Rasmussen Woods in Mankato.  It's a great place for kids hiking wood chipped trails through the woods, downed trees to climb and lots of space to explore. The trail also leads through a small prairie area, cliffs and a floating trail leading to the Red Jacket Trail.  Griffin hiked the whole way, while Eme hiked some and then I carried her in the Baby Bjorn.  She's nearing the max weight, so I'm looking into a different carrier called the Ergo, which holds up to something like 50 pounds and can go on the front or back.  

While at the Woods, the Elk's Center was open with an open activity for kids.  There was a group volunteers leading them in digging for worms.  Unfortunately, Griffin had hiking on his mind, so we didn't participate.  When we came back they had taken their worms and made paintings with them.  Not so pretty but looked like fun!  Unfortunately the funding for the center has been cut back by the city and there is no longer an official children's group.  BUMMER!  However, hopefully ECFE will be able  provide some nature classes next fall in conjunction with the Elk's Nature Center.  I'll keep you posted, when it's an official go! 

For now, get those kids out to enjoy nature.  They love it and it's good for them!

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