Daddy's Girl

Keir keeps saying, "I don't want her to change. I love this."  She is pretty darn sweet right now.  
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She loves playing tea party
talks in a funny little voice when she plays with her little babies
loves to snuggle
has a funny little run
gets excited and squeals
says "hi" to everyone (and now says "Hi Eme" to everyone)
pretends to talk on the phone, says "heyyo" and then giggles like the person on the other end said something funny)
talks about her cousins daily
sets the table and says each person's name "Maya, Gracie, Grandma, Gosh (aka her little friend, Josh)..."
says "yub you"
wants to be held
cooks on her little kitchen and says "Eme cook supper"
follows other little girls around
loves babies (real and pretend)
plays mama; kissing, reading to and rocking her babies
likes to run with her brother
and the list goes on...

From Drop Box

From Halloween

We love you oodles!

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  1. Anonymous12:01 PM

    Too cute, Emerson's pacifier matches her hockey jersey, good job Mom! She certainly is a girly little girl, yet I'm willing to bet that nobody is going to get anything by her without questions! Little boys are so different from little girls in so many ways. Love both of them so much!

    Grandma Mary