Our Favorite Things

Here are some of our favorite things in case you need help with ideas for the people on your list this year.  These are tried and true!
The stay-at-home mama: (besides a day at the spa & gift cards to shop for herself)
Books: The Creative Family by Amanda Blake Soule
I Love Dirt by Jennifer Ward
Smartwool Socks- if i could wear these all winter I would!
babysitting so she can be in the house alone for a few hours or go on a date with her hubby.

The coffee drinker:
Travel Mug, Contigo Stainless Insulated Tumbler
and the name is appropriate because it can tumble in your purse as you are trying to get the kids in the car and it doesn't spill (it has a button you push while you drink) and it stays hot for at least an hour (in case you are busy and forget about it).

The baker:
Artisian Bread in Five Minutes

The little boy (4 and under):
trains (magnetic attaching ones are easy to use), matchbox cars, car ramp,
 books about dinosaurs (and others), musical instruments,
sports equipment, footy pajamas, dress-up clothes, kid roller skates

The little girl (under 4):
play kitchen, table & chairs and cooking/eating supplies
dolls & doll care
dress-up clothes, don't forget about accessories!
books- see some of our favs on the left sidebar
Doll house & accessories
The Laurie Berkner Band DVD

The Daddy-
comfy pants for "relaxing" (esp. these Nike Fleece)
tools, clothing with fav sports team logos, Smart Wool Socks
more tools, things to put tools in, batteries for tools, babysitting so he can play with his tools


  1. Anonymous7:56 PM

    Remember your neighbors down the street owe you some babysitting time for all the help you give us and my kids are itching to play with Griffin and Emerson :)


  2. I'm currently waiting for that Artisan Bread book to arrive in Lbtn on interlibrary loan!! :D

    Great ideas all around. Especially all the tools, haha!

  3. Just wanted to say hello, my sister, Amy guided me to your site. Had to comment because my favorite things list would be pretty much the same as yours. Only I have 2 girls. I make the artisan bread every week. I got the main recipe out of the Mother Earth News Magazine last year and I LOVE it!! Please stop by and visit my blog sometime!
    Enjoy the holiday season!

  4. guys like tools and sons(and daughters) that like tools and "help" use them!