2009- we'll remember you

As you can see, I've finished my Christmas crafting... I am back to blogging.  I will show pics and possibly tutorials on what I've made this year (aprons, Matchbox car roll-up, doll roll-ups, tutus, coffee cozies, magnets, and locker clipboards).  For now, let's reflect on 2009.  Only 3 hours left.

What was great about 2009?

We worked on this list today with my family.

Watching our determined daughter accomplish so much and be so proud (standing, walking, talking, feeding herself).

Seeing G skate after loving hockey so long.

Visiting with K's aunt Carol before her battle with cancer ended and seeing the happiness and contentness on her face.

K's mom and dad catching their cancers b4 it caught them.

Having friends and family the kids love so much, they don't mind mom & dad leaving for a couple hours.

Dinner at Dino's

A movie night just the two of us.

Family finishing the mini-triathlon.

Biggest snow for many years on Christmas day.

The simple things: holidays spent with family, a family skate on the ice, playing in the leaves, sledding, sitting around the dinner table with family and friends, birthday parties, vacation, sleeping a whole night through, taking a walk with an adult to talk to, fun at the park, and snowboarding down a hill (even if it's Mt. Kato).

What's on your list... common, I know you're out there!

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