Summer Days & Parades

Sorry I haven't been so good about posting lately. I've completed the bunting and crown for Emerson's Birthday. Now I am assembling her birthday gift as well as taking care of our 4 and a half year old neighbor. Having a 4 year old here has been a blessing! Her and Griffin love to play, but after 7 days together, the fun wore off a bit and now they are acting like brother and sister. I got a taste of what the tattling and picking on phase will be like for us- "Go tell him how you feel and ask him to stop." "If she asks you to stop, you need to stop." Hum, I'll enjoy the 2 & 1 year old for now.

We also went to visit "Gram" (Griffin's new name for Grandma Janis) and Papa (Grandpa David). We were lucky enough to hit Watermellon Days while we were there and experienced the thrill of carnival rides for the first time. The parade was awesome as well with lots of cool old cars, big and small horses, BIG tractors and some of my old friends! We had a great time and Griffin & Eme collected a gallon of candy... enough to last us well past Halloween.

We also attended my cousin, Mel's wedding. Boy did the kids have fun dancing. Griffin mostly ran (his version of dancing?) while Emerson made her way round and round the dance floor and stopped to "conduct the polka band" every now and then. It was pretty cute. On the photo above you can see her in the background! Of course it was nice to see my mom's side of the family. I have so many fun memories of many family gatherings as a child, but we don't get to see them much more than a time or two a year. In the photo above is my sister, Lora, my aunt, Nancy from TX and my aunt, Sue (one of my faithful blog followers-THANKS!). By the way, please drop a note when you check the blog... I need to know we still have a pulse (and yes, I know it would be stronger if I posted more often!).

sorry it's sideways!


  1. I read...but you know that already! I understand what you mean though, I think we have a lot more readers than people who actually post too, which makes it feel like you're writing to no one! :)

  2. Anonymous10:00 PM

    Hi Tricia! I check your blog at least once a week. I love every new picture and the stories that go with them! The dancing video is very cute! :) Sue

  3. Anonymous8:17 AM

    HAPPY 1st BIRTHDAY Emerson Joy Asher! Griffin & Emerson tell your Mamma that I have your blog open all day, everyday here at work to share with anyone who asks about you.

    It's fun to see you like to dance much more than your father.

    Tell your Mama to take some pictures of the two of you with Gramma Mary & Papa Gregg so people can see we really exist.

    Griffin keep practicing the Oscar Mayer song, I heard you singing it in the sandbox yesterday. Emerson please do try and stay dry.

    See you at your party Saturday! Love You all!

    Grandma Mary