Swing baby swing!

The things you love as a parent! I love the thrill of:

1. Griffin getting big pushes on the swing.
2. Emerson lifting the the handle of the Lego container and doing it over and over again.
3. Griffin parking the cars in the Lego garage, driving them around and around and parking them in a line.
4. The site of Daddy after being gone to work all day... the joy on their faces... and mine!
5. Playing music together (banging the drum, playing the recorder, shaking the tambourine, and singing)... you don't want to hear it!
6. The kids giggling at each other
7. Scooping in the garden and finding a worm!
8. Playing in the puddles.
9. Griffin riding his bike.
10. Getting thrown in the air & caught.

and so much more.. each day I'm amazed at what they do & how much I enjoy watching it.

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