1st Vacation

Stars & Strips on the 4th of July! Gracie- 3 mo. old & Griffin- 6 mo. old

Oooh, I love the way the sand feels!

Daddy blowing bubbles is so funny!

Griffin took his first vacation... much needed (j.k.). He had fun waking up everyday to his cousins, aunts, uncles & grandparents. They did a good job entertaining him. We went swimming in the pool, played in the sand, watched cousins fish, jump off the dock & swim, he read books, saw his first fireworks, and so much more. This was the family's 21st year at Leech Lake. Griffin hopes for many more!

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  1. Grandma Mary10:39 AM

    Griffin, isn't vacation at the lake fun?! You are now officially a little beach bum! Swimming lessons are next I'll bet.