Griffin's Pics

We had our good friend, Jan Vokal, take pictures of Griffin. Check them out! Go to vokalphotography.com go to client and sign in as asher password mrgriffin.

Griffin is now sitting, shaking his head (but he doesn't know that it means "no") and has two bottom teeth. He likes to splash in the bathtub and is happy to be out of the baby bath and taking big boy baths.

Mama and Griffin spent a few days with Lora and the kids while Jim was away on business. Griffin could watch those kids forever. Auntie Lora is so good to Griffin and he loves to shake his head at her.

We are looking foward to a week at Leech Lake with Tricia's family. I'm sure there will be plenty of pictures of Griffin and his cousins swimming, playing in the sand and fishing!


  1. Grandma Mary12:02 PM

    Such a big boy you are Griffin! Sitting up, two teeth and reading in bed, just like the rest of us. Your Mama had better lower the mattress in your crib as you will soon discover that you can stand up and crawl out of the crib and get into all kinds of things!

  2. Wow, Griffin is getting so big! Hopefully I can see him soon!

  3. I just looked at your professional pics of Griffin, they're so adorable! Your friend Jan is a very talented photographer!

  4. Janis9:29 PM

    Oh, we miss that boy already.....what a cute picture reading the book already! How smart is he???? I'm guessing a bookworm like grandma in the making.....