Yes, Griffin found his scream! He's been working on it for the past couple of weeks, but now he can actually produce sound.... which I thought was funny at first, but he practices it a lot. I guess he thinks it's pretty fun. He also loves to hear animal sounds and read books. He watches the dogs play and walk around and can't get enough of being upright. I'm looking into a Bumbo chair as mama misses seeing his facial expression!

This is what Griffin looks like after Daddy gives him a bath and does his hair in a fauxhawk... as you can see Griffin is stunned by Daddy's behavior.


  1. Grandma Mary3:56 PM

    That's my BOY! I love your new "DO" Griffin. Your Daddy has such style! Good thing your Daddy doesn't buy your clothes?

  2. Anonymous7:39 AM

    Oh, what a cutie! He's growing up way too fast....but obviously having more and more fun every day. Looking forward to my babysitting day!!! Grandma Janis