4 months brings new fun

Well Griffin is learning all sorts of new things! He's been rolling on his side this weekend (he really wanted to look at his cousin, Derek, and gave it a try). I guess I can't leave him thinking he'll be in the same spot anymore. Today he's found a scream!

This weekend we went to Lamberton for Griffin's first time to see Grandma and Grandpa Nickel and celebrate Mother's Day. Griffin had so much fun with Lora, Jim, Derek, Grandma, Grandpa and Travis and showed it by smiling and laughing much of Sat. and Sunday. He also saw pigs and horses for the first time. He just stared in disbelief that mama has been telling the truth about these noises that come from animals.

Here Griffin is practicing his soccer skills with Grandma.


  1. Grandma Mary1:47 PM

    Oh Griffin, you are changing soooo much. I must show you pictures of your Grandpa Gregg around the same age as you are right now. Same wide smile etc. What a sweet child!

  2. Griffin posed very well for that picture! And look at his little toes!!