Farm Fun

Eme was pretty excited to see Grandpa & Grandma when we arrived!

We went "home" for a long weekend. Even though I didn't grow up where my parent live now, I still call it "home". It's my second home of course now that we have our own home, but where  Mom and Dad live will always be my second home... unless they live in a nursing home.

We were reminded how much fun farms are a month ago when we went to the farm where my Mom grew up and picked apples, climbed the bails and fed the cattle. So we went back for some more fun.

This time the round bails were lined up, so Griffin had a remarkable time running and jumping and climbing.  He also helped my uncle Roger drive tractor spread the good stuff on the field.

The good stuff came from these beauties. And we found two heifers with hearts on their foreheads.  
Here's a pic of one.

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