Let's G.O!

I am so lucky to have met other moms around town with the same passion for getting kids outdoors. It was spurred by our ECFE (Early Childhood & Family Education) teacher. She talked about the importance of getting kids outdoors, which also began my research for my Master's Degree in Health Education. It's amazing what reseach has found nature and time outdoors can do for people. Reduce stress, increase physical activity, reduce the need for medication for those with ADHD, improve mood, confidence, social skills and the list continues! If you want to learn more, check out Children & Nature Network.
As part of Let's G.O. (Get Outside), a couple of mom's and I scheduled some park dates and invited other families. Here are pics of our first gathering of 12 kids (ranging from 6 mo. to 5 year-olds) and 4 moms. We had a blast at a local nature center.
Next we are bird watching, then picking up around the neighborhood & then hunting for bugs! I can't wait!

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