Our 2010 Christmas Letter

Christmas Greetings!  We have enjoyed getting your Christmas greetings in the mail.  Going to the mailbox is the motivation Eme needs to go outside these bitterly cold days.  Your pictures and cards are well studied and throughly enjoyed.  Thanks!  As for us, this is our Christmas letter while we try to save a few resources this year.  Thanks for tuning in!  This is what 2010 brought for us:

Griffin turned 3 (he'll officially be 4 January 1011).
He's our energetic boy who loves playing outside.
He learned to ride a two-wheeler this summer, 
took ice skating lessons, goes to Sunday School and has preschool two mornings a week. He changes into a new superhero by the hour and loves to play cars.

Eme turned 2 in August.
 She keeps us laughing with her pronunciation and exploration of words ("This is calicious!" (delicious)

Emerson loves reading, animals, playing dollies, having tea time and any new adventure (camping, hiking, parks & zoo). 
She loves being around babies (luckily she'll have a new cousin come March).  You'll find her pushing around a doll stroller and being a very attentive Mama.    

Going to our first Twins game at Target Stadium was a hit!
  We went with a group of 16 and sported Pavano mustaches.  

One of my favorite moments of the year was having a few date nights with my husband.   
I took on a new adventure this fall with starting my own Norwex business.  It's the perfect compliment to being home with the kids.  I also got back on the volleyball court in the Lanesboro Tournament this summer and play league this winter. I continue to enjoy gardening, sewing, walking and now knitting!

Keir continues work at Brown Printing as a Technical Analyst.  He plays hockey during the week and continued showcasing his handy-man skills (and building his tool collection) while building a shed in the backyard this summer.  Recently he raised funds & awareness for cancers affecting men by participating in Movember.

Our Christmas card gives you a shot of our family favorite event of the year- vacationing for two weeks up North.  We spent time with both sides of the family, camped, swam, walked across the Mississippi, 
hiked, and played on the beach.  It was ideal and we cherished our time as a family.  

Our Christmas wish is that you, our friends and family, to be happy, healthy and enjoy life.  We feel blessed to have you in our lives and hope we can find special moments to spend with you in 2011.

You can always find us here on our blog to keep an eye on what we're up to.  Don't forget to leave a post so we know you are visiting us!


  1. Anonymous5:14 PM

    Merry Christmas to you all! I have a card to send to you that has not made it to the mailbox yet! Maybe tomorrow? We are regular readers of your blog, although I may not have ever commented. We do enjoy each and every update. Hope to see you over the holidays!

    Doug, Sue & Ethan

  2. Anonymous8:13 PM

    Great update and as always Great pictures! You are making it hard for me to remember Grif's birthday! :) You know I struggle with that anyway for some reason!! 11 0 7 (it rhymes right?!) :) Love you guys!!
    Jenn Nate Ella Claire Ashlyn

  3. Anonymous8:32 AM

    Cute photo's. The kids are getting so big, we enjoyed play day's this summer. Can't wait to do it again when the snow is gone. Merry Christmas.
    Alicia, Jason, Jada & Noelle

  4. Nice recap Tricia but it hard to hang up next to our other card on the wall.

  5. what a beautiful blog and a beautiful Christmas card too--so enjoyed getting together at the reunion with you all--hope to see you around again soon--Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

    Mary and Steve Lindberg

  6. Finally read your Xmas letter. glad I saved it, precious photos and recap of 2010. my how time flies!