Happy Halloween... literally

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Halloween is fun again. We had so much fun getting the kids (and dogs) dressed up. They both enjoyed it too. To bad Eme could say, "Bauk, Bauk," not "Quack." Oh well. We had our neighbors over for a little party and also celebrated the "day of" back at Grandma & Grandpa's. Too bad they both couldn't join us for the City Halloween Party (Mom went to the hospital for the night with Kidney stones & Papa was working). Grandma's feeling better and Papa has celebrated his last night on the job.  

The cousins and Griffin & Emerson had a blast Trick or Treating (although the nursing home was a bit scarier than planned). I suppose it might be for younger kids.. but maybe it was the resident dressed up with a mask on and a plastic leg with a cowboy hat sitting on his knee?  

It also was a great weekend to be outside. Griffin played football with those who were ready for some rough-housing. Lastly we went to see my uncles and got a little farm time in. Picking apples from the tree was also a highlight. Both Griffin & Emerson were big helpers and both couldn't resist snacking... and they will be for some time because we brought two paper bags full home.

The reasons we went down for the weekend was for Keir and Papa. We celebrated their birthdays and the boys went hunting pheasant. So happy birthday & better luck next time on hunting!


  1. Cute pictures! Thanks for trick-or-treating at our house too, it was fun to see the kids dressed up! I can't read most of your post tho...maybe it's just my computer but only the first line of each paragraph shows & then the rest runs off the right side of the screen! Is anyone else having that problem? I don't know why it would do that, it never has before!

  2. Very cute pics indeed! I'm checking out your side bar... we love mouse count too. Small, warm and tasty, fast asleep... Louise's favorite phrase!

    The Frida house isn't a dollhouse, just a little altar of sorts that we made for Dia de Los muertos, the mexican day of celebrating the dead. The other women in my group did members of their family, but I love Frida so much, I had to do her. I do have pics somewhere on my blog of Louise's dollhouse (maybe in Jan??) that my parents made for her for Christmas. I'm sure Emerson would love it if you made her one... and it wouldn't even have to be too complicated. You can do that, crafty mama!

    Hope you're all well.