Google Goods

Google, I love you.  My hubby talked me into using Google to share a calendar. Then he told me about Google Docs, and now I'm praising him for doing so.  A Mac Crash later, I am no longer working on my thesis on my own computer.  Luckily I have been doing all my work on Google Docs.  If you are new to it, do check it out. All you do is sign up for a Google Account (using your current email for a username and a new password).  When you sign in you can do a variety of things (just look in the top corner) including: calendar, documents, reader, gmail, photos, blogs, and more. I also use Google Reader daily. You enter the blogs you want to follow and it will put them all on one page.  You can see the intro and then click to go to the blog or read on.  It's fantastic!
You can share calendars with other googlegans and download their calendars (think of your church, holiday calendar, etc).  Using the Google Photos (Picasa) you are able to share photo albums and your friends can download the pics from there.  I can't say enough, Google.  You are great!

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