Hot Pepper Jelly

This Jalapeno Pepper Jelly is a great appetizer served with crackers and cream cheese. It’s spicy hot and sweet. I’ve given them for a little Christmas gift to family and friends. I started making it because my hubby likes to grow peppers in the garden and we just couldn’t use them all.


1 pouch of liquid pectin

2 c. jalapeno peppers

1 ½ c. vinegar

6 ½ c. sugar (this is why you share with your friends)

You also need a blender, large pot, timer, clean jars (6-8 jelly jars) and lids, funnel, ladle and a wet wash cloth.

First, wash the peppers (this recipe uses jalapenos, but I've used a variety of hot peppers). In this picture I've also added Banana Peppers.

Then, cut peppers into blender, leaving seeds in; add vinegar and blend.

Put in large pot (believe me, you DO NOT want this stuff boiling over!) and add sugar (you will think this is ridiculous when you put it in, but yes, 6 1/2 cups).

Bring to a boil.

Set aside for 20 minutes off the heat.

Put back on and boil 2 minutes.

Add and stir in a pouch of liquid pectin, put in jars.

I individually fill each jar, clean off top with wet wash-cloth and screw on top before going on the next jar. If the jelly is still hot enough it'll seal the jar. To check, after 5 minutes, just push your finger on top of jar to see if it pops up. If it pops up, it's not sealed, put it in refrigerator and use in the next couple of months.

And there you go, Hot Pepper Jelly! Serve with crackers and cream cheese. I usually put the block of cheese down and pour some of the jelly over top so they can be scooped on top of crackers.

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