New Hobbies

Emmie has taken up playing with tractors and combines. Now she is sitting quite well, so can use both hands while playing and sitting. How much fun! She has also started exploring her tongue and the different noises she can make. Her two bottom teeth are close to popping through and she's been pretty pleasant through the whole teething so far. Meanwhile she is still close to crawling, but not getting more than a couple of feet and has learned the butt pivot (on hands and knees and sitting back to change directions).

Griffin is our next Top Chef. He loves to help in the kitchen. Here he is helping mom make stromboli... he does like to "sample" the ingredients. We have been enjoying the last two days of mild weather. He has walked home from the park and testing out the puddles on the way. Luckily we have a boot dryer and snowsuits are washable!

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