Is it a girl?

I tell ya, I can't get enough sweets. Keir says, "Where did those peanut m&m's go?" Did he forget he has a pregnant wife? I don't know if the sweet tooth was this bad with Griffin, but if it's sweet, I want it! Rhubarb crisp, carrot cake, ice cream... the more sugar the better? Is it a sweet (toothed) little girl in there? Ladies with daughters... did you notice a need for the sweets when prego?


  1. Anonymous9:53 PM

    I'll remember to bring the baked goods next time I come down! I craved ice cream and watermelon with hallie, potato chips and lemon starbursts with Maya, and gravy(!?!) when pregnant with Gracie. We think you're having a GIRL.......of course.

  2. Anonymous3:58 PM

    I want to be included in the Nickel pool when it is created. I'm betting on another boy. Start looking at bunk beds!

    Grandma Mary