February Freeze

Slow down Griffin! He loves walking around in his new frog galoshes, but being big for him, he can't go as fast as normal.

All of the sudden he started signing (eat, milk, please, thank you, more, etc) and talking (hockey, stick, papa, etc). Wow, we can communicate without screams and pointing! Great! This makes life much easier.

We celebrated Hockey Day Minnesota by hosting a boot hockey game. It was really windy and cold, so only the very brave ventured out. But once we got playing, we were sweating and didn't notice the cold as much... except for eye lashes freezing, right Meg? And those not sporting snow pants suffered with frozen pants... but they did protect a bit from the pucks, which Lora and I could have used.


  1. Anonymous3:37 PM

    Griffin you are such a smart little boy! Grandma's going to have to get a baby sign language book so I know what you are signing/wanting! I love your galoshes! Grandma has some camo-green ones, but they aren's as pretty as yours with the little eyes and ears of a frog. Bring them over this summer and we'll water flowers with our galoshes on.

    Love you three.

    Grandma Mary

  2. Those frog galoshes are really cute! Sounds like your Hockey Day game was fun as well!