We've seen a few smiles! Yes, many while sleeping on a full tummy, but also a few while awake! Mommy swears he was smiling at her the other day cuz she is so funny and he had to express it some how. We went to the mall to walk a couple times this week. We were going a bit stir-crazy in the house. Griffin seems to like the car seat as he sleeps everytime we go out. We're growing so big, it's a bit sad to see our little baby-cakes growing out of his newborn clothes already!


  1. Anonymous8:52 PM

    How cute! Griffin you are so precious and getting big. Blake is really stir crazy as well. Hopefully it will warm up soon. And before we know it summer will be here and we will be out playing in the park.

    Keep growing :) and make your parents smile!!


  2. Grandma Mary7:41 AM

    Griffin you had such a busy weekend with the baby shower and all. To be held by so many adoring women so early in your little life, you handeled it quite well! What a chick magnet! Love the three of you very much and Gregg & I look forward to taking care of you Saturday night for a little bit. By the way Happy Valentine's Day baby!