8 months along!

Well I've managed to stay busy. I subbed Tues & Wed, while Mon (workday for teachers) I took care of much of my end of the season duties for volleyball. I also did some Christmas shopping! I can't wait for Christmas as that will mean only two weeks unti lthe due date! Speaking of Christmas, Keir put up the lights last weekend in the heat wave (much better than the 10 degree weather we've done it in the past). Today, Thurs. I'll meet my brother, Troy for lunch. I'm excited to hear if they found out if the sex of their baby at their ultrasound this week.

Now the baby, it definitely is continuing to grow! I'm starting to hear those comments loud and clear. "Wow, you have 8 weeks to go, my sister is due any day and she's about your size." For some reason these comments do affect us pregnant people... so please think before you speak to those ladies w/ bumps.

I have now started to understand why people ask, "Is the baby keeping you up at night?" I start to wonder if I should try to hold off those bathroom trips as everytime I go, the baby seems to wake and want to play. At 3:00 am, I am not welcoming this idea. Maybe God does prepare us for those night feedings, but why doesn't Keir get prepared for the diaper changes at 3 am?

The Dr. apt. went fine the other week. Dr. Taylor says the head is down and everything is normal. We start our baby classes tonight with Car Seat Safety and then next week is Breastfeeding with the next week being our 1st of 4 weeks of Preparing for Childbirth. These should help us really prepare to be parents!

Babies are all around!
Congratulations to:
the Vokals on their baby boy, Dylan, born Oct. 27th.
the Browns on their baby girl, Sophia, born Oct. 23rd.
Pastor Steve and his family on their granddaughter, Allison, born Nov. 2nd.

We're so happy they are all healthy and doing well!

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  1. Oh Tricia you and your baby look wonderful! You have such a tiny little body to begin with, there isn't any other place for your baby to hide but out. You are the picture of a healthy pregnant woman! Please do not be offended by peoples thoughtless comments, they mean well. Keep up the good work and may you and Keir be blessed with a healthy, happy baby Asher.