3rd Trimester!

27 Weeks Along: As growth continues, baby weighs in at over 2 pounds (1 kg). And because his/her body is more developed, measurement no longer goes from rump to crown, but from tip to toe—about 15 inches (38cm)! Baby can suck his/her thumb now, which is actually a good thing! It helps calm him/her, while also helping to strengthen jaw muscles and encourage the suckling reflex. Baby can even cry now, but we won’t be able to hear him/her.

I'm almost able to reconginze some of these baby parts moving around in there. Yesterday I swore it was a foot pressing against my skin!

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  1. Hey Keir, Tricia & Baby!

    Your are on the home stretch! When you feel a part of the babies body pressing against your belly wall, tickle it and see the baby's reaction. It's such a fun time. Get as much rest as you all can as your sleep will be interupted much as you prepare for the birth of your child! God's way of preparing your body for many hours of interupted sleep those first months.

    Love all of you very much!